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Well, here we are folks... the countdown is ON.

BREATHE, Episode 1 of The Devastation Series releases in LESS than a week. January 2nd is coming up fast. BREATHE is a Science-Fiction Romance, though you really could strip away ALL the sci-fi and you'd still have a great romance. It's got everything you want, hot guys, sassy girls, and steamy scenes.

So to get this thing off the ground (pun intended - you'll see what I mean when you read the book), I'm giving away a $25 Gift Card through a Rafflecopter drawing. All you need to do is hop on the copter and do a few, or all, of the easy entry-earners to get into the drawing. Then let all your friends know about it, so they have a chance to win too.

I'll keep posting about this drawing all week, but would really LOVE to have it posted on some other blogs to make it available to even more people. So, if you have a blog, or know someone who has a blog, get in touch with me through this blog post's comments section. I'll get the press kit out ASAP. Easy. And FUN!

Meet Gabe Michaels

BREATHE releases on January 2, 2015 at most major eBook retailers. So please, check out the cover (above) and the blurb (below). Make sure you don't miss out by sign up on my email list to get news and reminders (check out the right sidebar, just under the blue bird, there's a sign-up form). It's simple, and I DON'T share your info, nor will I fill your inbox with tons of emails. Just enough to keep you posted on what's happening with releases, contests, opportunities to win great stuff, and so forth.

BREATHE, Episode 1 of The Devastation Series, Book Blurb:

The summer after graduation, Lexa falls for Gabe, but can she trust her new love with the secret of a lifetime?

Secrets rule Lexa's life. After her move to Texas for college, she develops feelings for her life-long friend. But Gabe’s gone emotionally bi-polar, ice cold one minute, volcanic the next, and Lexa’s not even sure he is her friend any more. As she struggles to regain control over her shaken world, Lexa wakes one morning with wings. Panic sets in and she keeps her discovery to herself. Everyone has secrets, but revealing hers could land her on a lab table, and that’s not where she wants to spend freshman year.

When Gabe learns he’s an alien-hybrid, it changes everything. Now, he's rethinking his entire existence. After he lays a mind-melting kiss on her, Lexa wants to ditch their platonic status, but Gabe’s certain a move like that will ruin their relationship. However, resisting her is almost impossible. Can he figure out how to keep his secret and his best friend?

They think it can't get worse.
They're wrong.

Meet Nathaniel McKayBREATHE is the introduction episode to The Devastation Series, it is not a stand-alone novel, but don’t worry, the release of BREAK, Episode 2 of The Devastation Series, will follow within just a few weeks of BREATHE’s release.

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