Thursday, January 29, 2015

BREAK, Episode 2 of The Devastation Series RELEASE DAY!

WOW! January was both the longest and the fastest month of the year so far! (um, yeah, you can say my jokes suck, I'll understand) Even still, I did manage to get a lot accomplished. I published not just one but TWO books within the last thirty days! PUBLISHED, not wrote. ;)

I'm just thrilled to share Episode 2 of The Devastation Series, BREAK.

Here's the blurb:

Like devastation, darkness covers everything.

In BREAK, Episode 2 of The Devastation Series, Lexa, Gabe, and Nathaniel discover new abilities, learn each other’s secrets, and find out just how far they’ll go to save their friends’ lives.

Lexa and Gabe take comfort in their new relationship, though Nathaniel hasn’t given up winning Lexa for himself. Even with two alpha-males and her own kick-ass attitude for protection, Lexa’s abducted by genocidal aliens for her hybrid DNA.

Gabe and Nathaniel attempt a rescue, only to find they’re trapped on a deadly spaceship. They have to escape before the ship takes off, or they’re screwed and humanity’s left targeted for extermination.

They’re certain it’s as bad as it can get.

It’s not.

So, if you haven't read BREATHE, Episode 1, you REALLY really really NEED to read it first. This is a series and none of the books are stand-alones, so each builds on the ones preceding. At the writing of this post, BREATHE is only $.99 on Amazon and FREE for KU/KOLL. I strongly suggest you read it first, then move on to BREAK.

I would LOVE to hear what you think of them both, so please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. 

If you enjoy my books, please tell your friends about them, and thank you for doing so. :)

Pttsss... bonus material is included at the end of BREAK. Don't read it BEFORE you read BREAK; it contains spoilers. Following the bonus material is a preview of of BLEED, Episode 3. You can find BLEED on Goodreads and mark it as WANT TO READ, if you like.

Friday, January 16, 2015

In Search of ARC Readers for BREAK

BREAK, Episode 2 of The Devastation Series CoverI'm super excited about all the wonderful things people have been saying about BREATHE. Right now, BREATHE has 4.9 Star ratings on both and GoodreadsBREATHE readers have been asking when BREAK will be available. Well, I've been working feverishly trying to get BREAK ready to release by my target date of January 29The thing is, reviews are extremely important to a book's success. Therefore, I'd love to have several people ready to post reviews for BREAK on release day.

How will people have time to read it and post their review that same day?

Easy! I have a Read 2 Review (R2R) program for my books.

What's an R2R?

An R2R is a FREE Advance Read Copy in exchange for an HONEST review. That's it. Simple.

Those who want to be one of the first to get their hot little hands on Episode 2 of The Devastation Series can sign up on my email list and click the Read 2 Review check-box. Readers MUST read BREATHE before they can even think about reading BREAK (it's a series, each one builds on the last). Then they get to read BREAK EARLY and for FREE. Plus, BREAK gets the reviews it needs to get more readers. It's a WIN/WIN for everyone.

 But wait! What if some people want in on the R2R for BREAK, but haven't read BREATHE? 

No problem. I still have a limited number of slots for readers to do both. Contact me; if there are still openings, I'll set you up with BREATHE and BREAK.

R2Rers will read BREATHE and post a review for it in a timely fashion (within four or five days). Once their review for BREAK is posted, I'll send BREAK's ARC to them, some time after this coming weekend when they are ready, of course. ARC readers will have close to 2 weeks to read BREAK and have reviews ready post on the 29th, depending on when they get their ARCs, those later to sign up will have less time.

What needs to be in a review?

All I ask is readers post at least five sentences telling what they like/disliked about the writing style, characters, plot, or pace. Leave an HONEST review, which doesn't need to be complicated, just basics, but enough to let people know they actually DID read the book. It shouldn't be so generic it could fit any book. That said, NO SPOILERS PLEASE. Then readers just post their review on Amazon and Goodreads on the 29th. Cut and paste is fine, no need to write two separate reviews.

That's it. R2Rs are a great way to not only get a FREE book, but, in BREAK's case, to be one of the first people to read the book. Isn't that fun?

If you are interested, please sign up using my email form, and make sure to check the Read 2 Review check-box. I will contact you sometime over the weekend, when the ARCs are ready to go, or soon after you sign up, depending on when that is.

If you know someone who might be interested in BREATHE or BREAK, or in the R2R program, just have them go to the email sign up form, or they are welcome to come here and post a comment and I will contact them. Thank  you for sharing this with your friends and family.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. Without you, this would all be pointless. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Episode 1 of The Devastation Series

It's finally release day! I'm super excited share all these great links so you can grab your copy of BREATHE while it's at the low introductory price of only $.99. Don't keep this awesome news to yourself! If you know someone who likes a good romance, please share.

BREATHE is available on AMAZON

Now, you can't buy it at Goodreads, but you CAN add it to your lists, review it, share it with others, and all kinds of other fun stuff. Go HERE to find BREATHE on Goodreads.

After you read BREATHE, please consider leaving a review. Reviews are gold to authors, so I will forever be thankful. Also, if you enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate you sharing with your friends and followers. This baby can't get off the ground without readers. (HA! Did you see what I did right there? *wink*)

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