My husband, Mike, and I live in North East Texas with our two teenage daughters, Alex and Karina. Having teen girls keeps us on our toes. In other words, we’re saturated in teen angst and excitement. I often feel as though I live on Teenage Drama Island and desperately need a vacation to Adult Sans Kids Resort. When they're grown and gone, I’ll be equal parts devastated and relieved *wiping sweat from brow*. On the upside, they keep me awash in oceans of inspiration.

I enjoy reading YA and NA, although on a rare occasion I get caught reading other things. Authors I love are Tahereh Mafi, Kresley Cole, Gwen Hayes, Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Meyers,  and those are just a few.

Writing DEVASTATION was amazing. Gabe, Lexa, and Nathaniel have come to life for me. SECRETS I KEEP hit my like a ton of golden bricks and wouldn't let go until it was finished. Lily and Jax are as close to my soul as any two characters could be. All of them knock on the door of my heart and constantly poke their heads out the windows of my imagination. I hope you connect with them like I have.


  1. I bet theres many times you start to hear "Calgon take me away!" in your head. Raised two sons, who are in their early 30's and was thankful it wasn't girls...lol. Went through that with my niece. Just keep taking deep breaths.

  2. Yay! Another Kresley Cole fan :)


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