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5 Days Left to BREATHE!

Excitement builds as the release of BREATHE,
Episode 1 of The Devastation Series, nears.

Advance read copies of BREATHE went out on December 26th. Early readers' comments are coming in. I'm just thrilled with what they say about their love for Lexa and Gabe, and their story.

I really hope you'll love it as much as they do. Since you have to wait until January 2 to get your very own copy, how about I give you a little excerpt to tide you over? Then you can enter the $25 Gift Card Rafflecopter Giveaway.

The first three chapters can be found on the tabs across the top of this page. This is a special little sneak peak of chapter ten.

Episode 1 of The Devastation Series
Sneak peek of Chapter Ten


A knock on the bedroom door wakes me. I snuggle further under the blanket, trying to ignore it. Loud banging comes in response to my lack of answer. I grumble. “Go away. Sleeping.”

“You decent?” Gabe says.

“Go away.”

The door opens and I pull my pillow from under my head, lobbing it at him.

Bull’s eye.

He tosses my pillow back onto the bed. “Get up, Frecks. It’s seven o’clock.”
I flip to my stomach, arm trailing off the bed. My fingers pet the carpet while I pretend I don’t hear him.

“Up and at ‘em.” If persistence is a virtue, Gabe has a dump-truck load full of it.

“It’s summer. I’m supposed to get to sleep in.”

The bed shakes. I crack an eyelid. He’s stands at the end of the bed, his foot pumping the corner of the mattress.

“You’re such a PIMA.” Pain. In. My. Ass. I’ve called him this a thousand times. It doesn’t faze him now anymore than any of the other times.

“Mom’s got breakfast ready.”

“Breakfast schmeckfast,” I grumble as I feel along the floor. It’s here somewhere. My hand closes around my flip-flop. Aha, got it.

I jump up, standing on the bed, and attack Gabe. I try to swat him, laughing like a mad woman.

His false outrage rings out as he fends me off. “What the hell? Who’s the PIMA now?”

We’ve wrestled just like this since we were little kids. He gives up trying to block me and throws me over his shoulder like he’s hefting a feed sack. I squeal like a piglet and he lets out a roar of evil laughter. He smacks my behind, just hard enough to sting through my thin sleep shorts.

“Stop, stop.” I aim my flip-flop at his butt.

Suddenly, I’m on my back, bouncing onto the bed. Gabe flops on top of me, laughing. “Ha! See? You just thought you were gonna do something, didn’t you?”

His weight presses me into the mattress. A woodsy scent mingles with his minty toothpaste and envelopes me. I wiggle to free myself, but he’s too heavy. Wide awake now, I try harder to push him off, my hands against his bare shoulders.

He doesn’t budge. I quit struggling, and he stills too.

Except for my pulse pounding in my ears, it’s dead quiet.

Under the ink-black fringe of his lashes, his eyes burn into mine. His smile fades. My stomach somersaults and takes a swing on the uneven bars. I’ve never seen the expression he’s wearing. My lips suddenly go dry, so I lick them. Gabe eyebrows pull together. Is he staring at my lips?

He takes a quick breath, his eyes catching mine. Then he turns his head a bit, looking at me sideways. 

His eyes narrow a fraction, but they won’t let go of mine. Turning back to me, his nose is almost touching mine.

Letting the air seep from his lungs, his gaze roams my face. The moment stretches like silly putty into eternity. My lower belly contracts and my blood thrums through me, every pulse point throbbing.

What’s he looking for? I bite my bottom lip as my hands come to rest on his sides. His muscles are as solid as his chest. His smooth skin heats my fingertips. I swallow hard, trying not to smooth my hands around him. My palms itch to go to the lower center of his back, to that hollow right above his waistband.

The following quote is from further into the book.
When you're all done ogling Gabe's abs, you can scroll down and enter the Rafflecopter drawing for that $25 Gift Card. Best of luck!

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