Thursday, May 21, 2015

Release Day: TAKEOVER by Lana Grayson

So, I read this book... and OH MY GOSH! It blew my ever-lovin' mind. Hot hot hot and MORE HAWT! And twisted, but that makes it even better. It released today, so RIGHT NOW, it's on sale for only $.99... a better than great deal. It's worth not only every penny AND THEN SOME (a lot of some), it's also worth every second you will spend savoring this author's talent with the written word and a story line unlike anything I've read before.

Three step-brothers.

Three protectors.

Three lovers?

Don't miss this MUST READ by Lana Grayson.

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A reckless sacrifice to protect a family legacy...

Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Ravished. 

When tragedy stole my family, my father’s will mandated my future. I didn’t inherit Atwood Industries. I became the only one capable of protecting it. 

Atwood Industries belongs only to a male heir, my heir. And my enemies—my own step-brothers—will stop at nothing to create a shared bloodline. 

But they’ve made a mistake, and they’ll forever regret trying to control me.

Damned. Destroyed. Enthralled.
My family’s livelihood depended on acquiring the rival Atwood Industries and seizing the innocent woman bound within its terms of succession. 

I never expected such a challenge from my step-sister. 

I never thought I’d betray my own blood to protect her from the nightmare we began. 

But if I don’t stop her, the woman I’m forbidden to love will sacrifice herself to tear apart my billion dollar empire...