It was easy to find Lily and Sophie Blanco. Delivering them to their father to get my money is far harder.

Undercover assignments shouldn’t get personal, but Lily’s hiding something. The description given in my job's orders don’t match what I see. Something’s wrong, and I'll jeopardize my reputation and my job to learn the truth. For that, I need her to trust me.

One way or another, I’ll charm her into telling me her secrets.


Survival is the goal.

I’ll run and, if that isn’t enough, I’ll fight.

No matter the cost, I’ll protect Sophie from the one person she should never need protection from: the monster we call Dad.

The furthest thing from my mind—or heart—was falling in love. Then I met him.

Jax's promises to help are too good to be true. Trusting him would endanger me and Sophie. No matter his words, no matter his charm I can't give in to my heart.

Jax will never understand the SECRETS I KEEP.

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  1. When does secrets I keep come out?? Waiting anxiously to find out
    Thank you


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