Friday, September 21, 2012


Oh, man! There is nothing like a first kiss. Reading about it is wonderful, writing about it even better. Why? If it's not quite hot enough you can always turn up the heat. I've been tweaking my MS for the hundredth time, and just reworked my MC's first kiss.

Call me crazy, but I wanted to share it. I won't tell you where it happens in the story, because eventually you'll be able to read it once I manage to get this baby pubbed, so I don't want to ruin the story for anyone. I did remove a couple of lines which would have given away which scene it follows.

But, I just love this so much, I want to share. Rate LEXA'S FIRST KISS  from 1 to 5 (1 low-5 high) in the comments below. If you want to share your own first kiss or first kiss scene, feel free! Then there will be several for all of us romantics to enjoy.

Told from LEXA's POV.

I’d embarrassed myself enough for one evening, so I spun on my heel to go. As I stepped away, his hand touched my arm. When I turned back, Gabe stood only inches from me. I tried to step back, but he held just tight enough to stop me.

He whispered, “Wait.”

My tongue was thick, stopping me from saying a word. The speed of my pulse and the waves of adrenaline washing over me were confusing. His eyes said he was uncertain as they focused on me. I managed to get my brain in gear and tried to pull back again. He snaked his other arm around my waist, pulling me up so we were chest to chest, hip to hip.

“I-I.” Something pressed into my belly. Reality set in and my eyes went wide. Shit. He’s gonna kiss me. I trembled, sure he knew it.

He lowered his head to mine, running his hand up my arm to the back of my head, cupping it gently. Closing his eyes,  he ever so gently brushed his lips across mine. The world tilted and my heart stopped. I was plunged into darkness, when his mouth brushed back the other direction.

There were a million butterflies. No. Birds. Huge frickin’ birds, trying to escape the pit of my stomach. My heart gave a beat, then one more, struggling to life again. I stood statue still. I couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to. A gentle bit of pressure as he took my bottom lip between his, nibbling tenderly. His tongue traced the seam of my mouth. Soft. Excruciating.

I sighed. When my lips parted he darted in, then back out. Chocolate. Every thought in my head jumped ship, leaving only his lips on mine, his tongue exploring gently, my insides liquefying, while tingles danced up my back.

He nipped my bottom lip again, and a thought presented itself. Do something to participate in your first kiss, idiot. Just then he pulled back and set me away from him. My surprise that the kiss ended so quickly was almost as great as my shock that he’d kissed me in the first place.

“Now, you don’t have to worry ‘bout that first kiss. It’s done.”

So that's it. Lexa's very first kiss.

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