Monday, May 12, 2014

Life's Seasons

It’s storm season.

Some of us living in the large swath of the US dubbed 'Tornado Alley' dread this time of year. Others look forward to it. They love a good storm and hope to see some real 'action' from one if the many super-cell storms which will likely crop up before the season has run its course. There are even a few folks who will actively 'chase' these storms in hopes of getting video footage or collecting data from tornadoes that may drop out of the ominous clouds. Terror carried on the wind.
When I was a pre-teen, my family and I watched in horrified awe as a funnel cloud came toward our
home. We lay in the bar-ditch at the bottom of the hill atop which our house sat. Rain pelted us, stinging our skin and running into our eyes. My parents covered my sister and me with their bodies to protect us from the hale dashed to the ground from the sickly green sky. We got a blessing that day. Our home was spared.

This morning the radio announcer forecast storms for this afternoon, some possibly severe. I have a tendency to walk the floors when a bad storm hits, and I have to remind myself not to worry this is just a season. It’s the storm season. It will pass. When it does, we'll be dunked into a different season.

Each season possesses its hardship and its beauty. Storms can be frightening yet fascinating. Lightning, though deadly, is mesmerizing to watch.

It occurs to me life is much like this; full of seasons. Some pass more quickly than others. Certain seasons are foreseen and welcomed. Others come out of the dark clouds on the horizon, taking us by the scruff of our necks, picking us up from our safe surroundings to toss us about on raging winds. 

No matter the season, I must always keep in mind that it will pass. The good seasons should be soaked up and enjoyed to the fullest extent possible. During the less-than-stellar times, I must grit my teeth, pray hard, and push through the storm, knowing every moment brings me ever closer to the end of that season, nearer to the sunshine once again.

How do you handle your storm seasons? 

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