Monday, April 28, 2014

#DFWCON Here I Come

As an author, besides writing, I love nothing more than getting together with like-minded people who also love all things book. This coming weekend is my chance to do just that. I will attend DFW Writer's Conference (#DFWCON).

There will be speakers, classes, panels, and others who share my passion for the craft. Literary agents and editors are looking for manuscripts of all genres. Many writers hope to meet their dream agents. Others pray they will find their future editors.

All week, I'm sure I'll be distracted and giddy and pretty much getting on the nerves of everyone around me.

I'm this guy.
All my fiends and family are the woman with the drink, thinking ,"Seriously?"

I'll practice my pitches for my books, DEVASTATION and SECRETS I KEEP. Most likely, repeating them again and again, memorizing the words, trying to not sound like I'm reciting a script.

What's a pitch? Basically, it's me trying to quickly tell an agent/editor about my book in such a way as to entice them to ask to see my entire manuscript (called a 'FULL request'), or a portion of it (a 'PARTIAL request'). 

Hopefully what I WON'T make them do is something like this...


I'm really hoping to get a reaction closer to...

and then they'll go...

I'll be nervous as hell and probably drink too much coffee.

However, I do hope my books garner at least some attention.

Once I get a request, I'll email whatever they've asked for and then I'll wait to hear whether or not they...

A. pass on my manuscript

to which I'll probably be like

Then again, maybe they'll 

B. want to see more

In this case I'll be all

but hopefully, they will have asked for a FULL so I'll be getting option

C. They'll be interested in either representing or publishing my book

When this finally happens you can bet your ass I'll be 


followed by

and then

Whatever the outcome, I will eventually find my dream agent. Actually, I already have one in mind, and am crossing my fingers s/he will read my manuscript, fall in love, and call me before I even go to the conference. Just save me the nerve wracking I know is coming, PLEASE! You know who you are, dream agent. ;) However, should s/he find my book just isn't for her/him, I'm confident God has someone else in mind. Who knows?  Maybe I'll meet them at #DFWCON!

Are you going to #DFWCON? Tell me... let's find each other on Facebook and/or Twitter (@KHarveyWrites). Are you going to any other conferences or exciting destinations in the near future? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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