Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Well, folks, here it is again-August. And that means WriteOnCon, an Online Children's Writers Conference. This is an amazing place to get some great feedback on your work from fellow authors and those ever elusive Ninja Agents. Also you can develop friendships and network with the other participants. Can anyone say 'critique partner'?

If you write anything from Picture Books to New Adult, this conference is for you... and it's FREE! It doesn't get any better than that. 

I've entered my YA Romantic Light Sci-Fi, DEVASTATION, for feedback on my query, which I've probably tweaked a thousand times, but I'm still looking for that perfect combination of magical beans and fairy dust to help me snag my dream agent. I've also posted my First 250 Words in the YA Forum and DEVASTATION's First 5 Pages. The latter being the one I love the best. Like most writers, I can never get enough feedback on my manuscript, and those first five pages are so important.

This year, I've also entered my new Work In Progress, LILY WHYTE, a NA Contemporary Romance (query, 1st 250 words, 1st 5 pages). That's right folks, it's even okay at WriteOnCon to post your unfinished works, just be sure you make it clear that it's a WIP, not a finished MS, so the agents will know. 

There is also a contest for the First 500 Words of a manuscript as well, you can find the deets on that here. This one includes CASH prizes! So, yeah, you may want to enter this.

Something else you might be interested in are the Live Events, most of which have finished, because you know me, I'm regularly a day late and a dollar short. BUT WAIT- you can still go watch them online and glean wisdom even if you aren't there 'live'. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Completed Events.' 

If you've registered and are hanging around there today, go on and friend me through their system. I'd love to take a peek at your stuff. And if you're interested in checking out mine, I'd love that too. If you aren't registered, but would like to, go here.

Do your writer friends a favor, pass it on, so they can reap the benefits of this awesome online conference too. Did you enter? Tell me about your WriteOnCon experience in the comments!

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